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Clean, Protect, Polish....... With the increase in diesel injection pressures on engines and the sophistication of plant machinery, higher fuel and fluid cleanliness levels are a requirement in today's equipment.

Our filtration systems can reduce downtime, save on costly component replacement and improve fuel economy. In short, Banlaw Systems reduces your total cost of ownership.


Bulk filtration cleans fluids by the strategic placement of filters

. Clean fluids prior to storage where the flow rate is steady to maximize the filtration process

. Protect fluids by installing a quality breather on the storage tank to remove airborne contaminants and ambient humidity

. Polish fluids on the outlet before dispensing into equipment

We offer a complete range of custom and standard filtration products specifically targeted to reducing equipment downtime and lowering your total cost of ownership.


Single pass filtration
Single Pass
Our Bulk Fuel and Lube Filtration offers the right filter, whatever the application. All assemblies are manufactured and piped up in a parallel flow configuration to reduce pressure drop while providing efficient single-pass filtration.
high pressure filtration
High Pressure
Our Fuel and Lube High-Pressure Filters for Point-of-Use applications are designed for high pressure delivery systems out of bulk storage tanks, typically on air pump fed hose reels in lube shops.
Filtration accessories
Tank Accessories
Our Bulk Fuel and Lube tank accessories are designed to prevent moisture and contaminants from entering a bulk storage tanks ensuring fluids are kept clean and dry.

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